The girl in the mirror

I see that girl in the mirror – is that her really in there

She looks familiar, but I am certain, she is not really there

A reflection of someone I used to know, a soul wounded and cold

The outside is somewhat changed, exhausted and worn

A beautiful reflection torn into pieces, a reminder of loss that never ceases

Inside a feeling reflects a greater loss, covered by an unyielding moss

I can feel her growing ever small, although I seek each day to find her

The bright light that once shown, grows ever dim by the darkening loss

The trials of life have left her anxious and emotionally weak

Something else controls her emotions and is stronger week by week

She cannot find that place she seeks, where she never felt meek

A deepening sense of loss, it eats at her core

The guilt and the trials, God she does wonder, how much more

She knows she is blessed when compared to this worlds worsening war

The angels and demons inside her are also at war, eating away at her “before”

Before this disease, before this pain that at times makes her feel insane

Insane or inspired, the difference she must reach

Before she is lost in this storm and her door it does breach








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