The wrong chair

So, yesterday I sat in the wrong chair.  Many of you will ask yourself, How on earth can you sit in the “wrong” chair!  Well, my disability claim was denied and I am seeking the advice of an attorney.  So, yesterday, I typed up a 4 page document about what my situation is, my diagnosis, what I deal with etc.  It took me about an hour! An it’s a nice well padded office chair I was sitting in too!

Having Arachnoiditis, I must weigh the pros & cons of everything I decide to do against what the possible effects will be on my body the next day, days or weeks.  I didn’t really think that was going to have a huge impact on me,  but I was wrong.  My lower back had started to ache and I was feeling some nerve pain down my leg, which is pretty much normal all the now for me.  I was also getting some back fatigue.

Little did I know that activity would put in a great deal of pain today.  I woke up to a pounding headache, screaming ears and horrible pain in my low back.  I had to lay back down for several hours to calm the beasts within!  Thank God my 7 year old is such a good child and took care of herself and let Mommy sleep some of it off.

It is now the evening on the day before and my ears are still screaming at me!  My back is still killing me!!  I’ve taken pain pills, muscle relaxers, rubbed creams on and worn my TENS unit.  I have not retreated to using the big dogs yet because I need to be able to function tomorrow.  I have to meet with my daughters teacher and the attorney tomorrow, I need to be able to drive.  I took Gababpentin/ Neurontin early, but it will still leave me with some brain fog tomorrow.

The disability people think I should be able to work like this!  It is extremely frustrating that simply sitting in the wrong chair, YES the WRONG CHAIR for ONE hour can do this to my body.

This pushes me back into a fear & depression stage too.  I have to wonder how fast this will keep progressing, it goes through my mind over and over again!  These fears I’ve thought and appeased myself over dozens of times by now.  I’m praying to God to please lay his hands on me and heal me or lead me to a cure or some better way of handling this.

At last after I have sent my prayers, I remember my husband is safe and taking care of me.  My children are safe, healthy & mostly willing to help me.  My parents are also an amazing support to me.

I will stick with my original outlook as long as I am able – this life may be painful, but it is in so many, many ways also perfect!


2 thoughts on “The wrong chair

  1. I can totally relate to the wrong chair on so many levels. At the doctors office waiting -wrong chair, at the dealership getting an oil change waiting – wrong chair. It can only be 30 min and it has already made its negative impact. I’m in pain and I know it will get worse as evening approaches. It may be better next day/ maybe worse. I feel your pain. I am so glad you blogged this. I thought I was alone in this. My sympathies, Carolyn.


    • Carolyn, you are so not alone! There are more of us than I think anyone has a clue about! I am glad you enjoyed it, it is therapeutic and helps us to know that we are not alone! Wishing you a low pain day!


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