Forever Changed

I’ve suffered from back trouble for a number of years.  Usually I could go to the chiropractor and get my back & hips adjusted and feel fairly ok.  My neck has also plagued me with pain for many many years.  I carry a lot, if not all of my stress in my neck and shoulders.

In the early 2010’s, even gardening became a chore.  I would plant my flowers and the next day be in severe pain and barely able to walk.  I’d go to the chiropractor to no avail and usually 3-5 days later, I would be fairly normal again.

In 2015, little did I know, my life would change forever.  I was only about to turn 41 for heavens sakes.  In May, I rolled over in bed and felt and heard a Big Crunch.  A few days later, I had horrendous pain shooting down my left arm.  I had torn my rotator cuff in two places I would eventually find out.  After that hell healed up and life was starting to get back to normal, I got out of bed one morning and I could not stand up straight.  Terrible pain in my back and shooting down my right leg.

I thought this was one of my “spells”, but this time, it didn’t get better.  I could not do anything except sit in my chair or lay in bed.  I went to see my primary Dr. And they decided I needed physical therapy, no MRI to look at things or anything.  One look at me and the therapist said, “I’m not touching you, you have a ruptured disc and you need an MRI”.

I can’t remember how  much later, but we ended up at one of the ER’s (which in my mind now after my experience I consider an urgent care).  We finally got the Dr. To understand I was not drug seeking and he got me an MRI!  My the things they can make happen if they give a little thought and effort.  Results = herniated disc (duh) at L5/S1.  I finally got referred to a neurosurgeon, I saw his assistant the next day.  She suggested steroid injections into my spinal area.  I had 3, they may have helped me to stand a lit bit straighter, but that is it.

Just a few days after my 3rd injection, the disc blew out again.  This time it felt like electricity shot through my back and right leg as I very slightly bent over to pick up my reading glasses.  I could still sit in my chair for a day or two, then I could only lay down to get relief for a few days.  After that,  I could not even get relief by laying down.  I could not sleep, I just wanted to diet the pain was so bad.

Finally on Aug 2, 2015 my husband took me back to a different (real) ER!  I told the nurse I was not leaving until they fixes me.  She said, oh we’ll see, I said I am not kidding, I a man not leaving until you fix me.   Finally I wasn’t seen by a competent ER Dr.  He asked me if I had been having trouble peeing and I said yes, but I thought it was just because of the pain pills.  He immediately ordered an MRI and my disc had blown out even more.  A neurosurgeon was brought in to do emergency surgery that night.  The ER said we needed to fix this before I lost control permanently of my bladder due to nerve damage.

The surgery was a success.  I was out if that’s pain for a few months and some of the nerve pain started to slowly return.  I returned to the Neurologist office several times over the next couple of years and I saw physical therapists, had a couple more injections to no avail.  I could not even go to the grocery store for an hour without being in pain and recovering for the next 2-3 days by doing nothing, but sitting in my recliner.

Finally in November 2017, my Dr’s PA ordered a myelogram and BAM, there it was ARACHNOIDITIS!  I finally had an answer,  it none like I expected!  My life was going to be forever changed.


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